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Hailey Wilson:

Kind. Beautiful. Funny. Insanely creatively gifted. Her home always looks like Anthropologie even when it's a tiny apartment & she thinks otherwise. Always creating cozy spaces. And also recently created the most adorable human you'll ever see, baby Ira. 

I first met Hailey & her husband Ryan when I started a job at Anthropologie in West Palm Beach, FL. She was one of the very first people I met in West Palm. Our first shift together was a late night closing, and after we got to talking we discovered we had a lot in common. We moved to south Florida ON THE SAME DAY. Her and her husband also got married super young. We had both left home and were on a new adventure far away from anything we were familiar with. Suddenly, I had a friend who understood so much of my life. It was such a gift to have Hailey around during that time! 

Fast forward to now, and we are both living in new states, chasing dreams, and livin' on love with our hubs. Hailey started a photography business shortly after she moved back to her home state of Idaho and I have LOVED watching it grow and develop from a far. She encourages & inspires me and I thought she would be the perfect edition the The Company We Keep. 

Read on to get to know Hailey a little bit better & go follow her @verseandventure

Hailey Wilson Verse & Venture

1. Hailey, tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do!

My two main favorites are my hubs and our baby boy, but I also really love adventure of any kind. Quiet days at home, and good food and cocktails-- especially when enjoyed around a table with our favorite people. Photography is another passion of mine, and I get to call that my job. I mostly photograph families and weddings, and of course our kiddo!
My style is more organic, I always try to capture the natural details of the love that I’m documenting... the quiet moments of togetherness that happen when a family or couple forgets that I’m there are always my favorite.

2. Did you always see yourself doing this? Or what was the original dream that got you here?

Not at all! I’ve always loved art of all kinds. As a kid I was constantly drawing and creating. I was able to attended an arts high school via scholarship, which was incredible. I knew creativity had to be a part of what I did as a career. I started college with a fine arts focus, but was quickly disenchanted after my amazing high school experience. Life got busy- I worked retail and got married and moved to Florida for a few years for an adventure. During that time i dabbled in all sorts of creative things- painting, sewing, graphic design, and finally photography. I had taken a photo class in high school, but it didn’t really click that it could be a career until I had already tried other things!
I guess my dream had always been to create for a living, and create in a way that brought joy. I definitely feel lucky, because I've found that in photography.

3. What was the first big step you took in making what you do now a reality?

There were two big steps for me. The first was trusting that this was what I was being led to pursue. I sat down with Ryan one night and we talked and prayed about it, and before I knew it we were ordering my first camera and lens (which we charged to a credit card, ha! I don't recommend that but it worked out for us). I still worked a "normal" job part time for the first 2 years I pursued my photography career. The second big 'step' was actually going on an overseas mission trip. Using a camera to tell the stories of people who really needed their story told was hugely impactful, as was seeing how it can empower someone when you take their photo. Ryan had his own camera at that point, and it inspired us to do more work together. Now he second shoots all my weddings, which is really fun for us.

4. Where do you see yourself going or what are some goals for just this year even regarding your career/dreams?

My focus for this year is to be truly authentic in the images I make, and what and how I share them. Social media has so much power these days, and I don't ever want people to see a falsely perfect life or career when they see my work. As far as dreams go, I would really love the opportunity to do more brand stories and humanitarian photography, and it would be amazing to shoot a wedding in another country!

The crazy thing about this industry is that "work" can look SO many different ways. So I guess right now, we're just really open and excited for whatever is in store!

5. What is some advice you could offer to someone looking to get started in a creative career/self-employment/your area of work?

I think the most impactful advice I was given was to stay true to what you feel good about-- don't compromise what is important to you just for a paycheck. Also, be genuine! Authenticity is so refreshing and encouraging. Not only will it help you connect with your peers, but it will also make you more approachable to your clients.

Most of all, have fun and create what is beautiful to you!!

I basically can't say enough good things about this lady! She's so talented and I can't wait to watch her business continue to grow. If you want to know more about Hailey and what she does go check out her photography website Verse & Venture and follow along with her on Instagram @verseandventure

Thank you Hailey!