Time After Time

Are you ever disappointed when you start something new and it's just not going the way you expected it to? Have you ever gone through a painful season of life with a lot of growth & change that feels like it won't ever end? Have you ever read a blog that just never gets to the point?! Ha! Just kidding...


If there has been one reoccurring thing I feel like I've been learning over the past couple of years it's that life, change, growth, relationships... just take time.  

It took me 2 years to develop my business plan before I could open it. Things went wrong, ideas failed, vendors flaked, money ran out. It was a battle in the details day after day until one day, they finally all came together. 

After 10 months of dedicated working out and new eating habits, I am finally at a place I want to  maintain with my body. I will admit that I have never really been over weight, but as I got older my body changed and settled in a way I wasn't thrilled with. I wanted to look and feel a certain way, so I decided to do something about it. Choosing my health and my body each day wasn't always easy or fun, but it has been SO worth it.

I've been married for 7 years in December, and when I look back at the beginning it feels like I barely knew my husband year 1! Seriously. Marriage is amazing, beautiful, magic. But it's hard work. Again, everyday you choose to love bigger, communicate better, and trust more. There's been a lot of ups & some difficult downs, but in the end we are more unified and love each other more because of it. When you get married you think you couldn't possibly love your person anymore than when you say "I do". Let me tell you.. you're in for a treat. There's always room for more love. Believe that. We're both better now than we were then, and that is worth the ups and the downs over the past 7 years. 

My husband and I renovated our first house from top to bottom & it took over 2 years of work to complete. This was an unexpected project that we took on and kind of just dove head first into. We knew our house needed work, but we were unaware of the extent it would go to. Turns out, we practically made a new house. I'm obsessed with our home and just stare at it in awe sometimes because I can't believe I get to live there and I got to design every piece of it. It's an incredible gift I wouldn't ever take back; but IT WAS HARD. We had to sacrifice a lot of time. We practically bled money for years. We had a motto we recited every time we had a work day which was "after we get (project of the day) done, we never have to do it again". One step at a time, one day at a time, until it was finally completed. 

These are few examples of some big things that I have been through in my life that just needed time to take place. One day at a time. One decision at a time. That's how I was able to make it through learning how to run a business, or how to work on our house. With each step forward I could see a little more of the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Our world is buzzing 24/7/365. We are a society of instant gratification. When things start taking too long, we get frustrated and give up. I'm guilty of this mindset all of the time! Even in my own business, after being open for only 1 month I felt disappointed and wondered if I was doing something wrong because I hadn't seen the results I wanted. Guess what? Nobody knows who I am. It's a NEW business. If you read the post I wrote about my husband and his business, you might remember him saying: things only fail when you give up on them. Sometimes when you're doing the little things, it feels like you aren't doing anything. One day you're going to look up and see that all of those little things have now created the big thing, the whole picture is made complete when you do each step along the way with excellence. 




Keep going. Keep working at whatever feels like it's taking forever. Keep pouring into your relationships. Some things, they just need time to grow. They need a chance to become what you believe they can be. Give it time, and keep going. I am always reminding myself of this. In the end, the growth that comes will be well worth the wait. 



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